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Cacao Juice

Nowadays, it is very unique that cacao harvesters take advantage of the delicious juice that comes from the cacao fruit.

We see it as liquid gold with a delicious flavor of acidity and sweetness that fills your mouth with freshness and nutrients.

The Process

From the harvest of the cacao beans with the families of the Ratzum Cacao Network, we take advantage of every drop of what is stored inside its shell. We buy the cacao with the weight and value added by the families for its juice as well (which is very rare and increases the direct value to the families at a price much higher than the market value).

When we put the cacao into its fermentation box, we drain all the juice from the cacao pulp.

We cook it slightly so that the flavor remains, but the juice is also pasteurized.


100% Pure Cacao Juice


Cacao Juice with turmeric, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon

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