How to use your 100% cacao block

cacao blocks.jpg

Make your own candies in your kitchen!

Step 1 : Melting the block


Melt down your block of 100% cacao chocolate using a double boiler method.

Make sure no water get mixed with it.

It will go much faster if you break the block in small pieces.


Step 2 : Adding sweetner

While some of us really enjoy the raw bitter/acidic flavor of 100% cacao, most of us will enjoy it much more with some sweetness in it!

The quantity of sugar you put in your chocolate is entirely up to you. We recomand 25-40% to obtain a sweet candie flavor.

Simply mix your sugar with your melted chocolate.
It will work much better if you do that inside a food processor.

Also prefer the use of very fine sugar (like icing sugar) or grind it before if you can.


You could also add any kind of flavoring at this point if you'd like but we recommand to do that individualy in the moulds for more fun.

Step 3 : Making your candies


Now you have melted and sweet chocolate, the rest is very simple as well!


You can start gathering your favorite spices, nuts, jams or whatever you would like to have inside your chocolates.

You will also need some moulds and a spoon.

First put some chocolate inside your mould to cover all the surface (and we mean ALL, if not what you will put inside may leak out) but without filling it entirely.

Then put your stuffing inside. Again, it could be anything.
Why not an almond, peanut butter, jam, chili chocolate?! You absolutly can!

If you use dry stuff like nuts, you could put them first and then cover with the chocolate so it will be visible outside when you unmould them.
If you use more runny material like honey or jam, you HAVE TO put it inside.

Now your stuffing is inside, carrefully cover with more chocolate and fill up your mould.
Make sure it goes everywere on the side so it closes well.

That is for sure the most creative part of the process. The possibilities are endless and you will learn about your own taste and desires in the process.

Have fun!