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Our Cacao

Shopping Counsciously!

Tuq’tuquilal offers an economically empowered gathering space for healing and regeneration.


The Center’s relationships of deep trust, economic exchange, and co-education with a network of ~70 Q’eqchi’ family cacao growers is the confluence of the Center’s rich flows of financial, natural, social, and spiritual capital.


By marrying the cultivation, purchase, processing, and sales of highest quality, regeneratively sourced organic cacao and value-added products with educational spaces of personal, cultural, and ecological healing for its family network and international visitors, we have created a unique and impactful business model.


More info coming soon!

Support Guatemalan Families

From the many cacao farmers living up in the mountain of the evergreen Alta Verapaz in and around a village called Lanquin up to families processing and crafting delicious chocolate products, you will be supporting dozens of families all across Guatemala.

We employ lots of locals and pay them a fair trade rate for their job. From 25 to 50% more than the local rate. More on certain occasions.

We do our best to provide you the most natural, highly vibrating and medicinal cacao as we can. We work only with organic products and most of our processing is 100% natural. 

We are working on designing a waterfall mill grinder to process our cacao to aim to a perfectly eco friendly production line.

We also employ mostly women since Guatemala is a country where the rights for equality are still very blurry.

We empower women by giving them secure, well paid and stable employment as well as giving them leadership and management position. 

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Traditional Mayan Roasting

Our cacao is roasted by Mayan people using ancestral methods with firewood and clay plates.


We ensure the highest quality of cacao for recreational, medicinal or ceremonial chocolate!

Natural Cacao Fermentation

In order to obtain te best flavors out of our delicious local cacao, our beans are wrapped in plantain leaves and fermented for 9 to 11 days.


Then are then sun dried and ready to be shipped to you!

fermenting cacao.jpg
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Hand Peeling

When you buy our cacao beans you will receive them as undamaged as possible and full of high vibrations coming from all the wonderful mayan people peeling the beans.

Buying our cacao products help sustaining dozens of families across Guatemala.

Thank you!

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