1/2 lb - Turmeric powder with Black pepper

Consumed since millenium all over Asia and central element of the Ayurvedic practices, Turmeric is a must have in your kitchen.

To make your own curries or simply to add to your meals, it will add some bright color and delicious taste.

But not only.


Turmeric has many health properties including being an anti-inflammatory, helping digesting food, helping the brain and the heart, having lots of antioxidants, helping curing cancer and Alzheimer's disease and much more...


Our turmeric grows wildly and freely in the jungly mountain of Guatemala. Harvested and peeled by hand before being sun-dried, we guarantee you the highest product quality.


With the help of the black pepper, your body can absorb around 1000% more benefits from the turmeric making them a truly amazing combination.

1/2 lb - Turmeric powder with Black pepper


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