The Cacao Thread

By Tuqtuquilal

A simple, effective crisis relief initiative, designed to weave sustainable support during and after COVID.

It’s not charity….. you can buy our amazingly healthy and high quality artisanal products at 20% discount and be helping directly farmers and rural families in need …. right now! ​

We of course accept “angel generosity” in the form of donations, and your help will surely keep us evolving and making a positive impact. Also with our token system you can cash in for services or products at a future date……& we will give you a  20% GIFT for having such a big heart.

If you become a selling partner, you can even make money amongst your friends or at your business.


Learn more below. Thanks you !

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Discover the Tuqtuquilal farm and cooperative project!

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We designed a way for your donations to benefit you as well.

Check out what your donations would be used for!


We also offer you a way to participate in reforastation.

The project

Our needs

Tree planting operation


Fair Crowdfunding

You can buy our world class tastiest cacao, to make chocolate at home, or perhaps our organic turmeric, copal incense and other wonderful crops.


They are all grown on site or by 30 local family farmers who we are forming a cooperative with. 

If you donate, we can also give you a token, plus 20% extra to spend with us on services at Tuqtuquilal or on products at a date in the future….. it’s a win, win, and really helps many people in desperate need. 

So for a $100 donation, you will receive a $120 token.


We can ship anywhere in the world, and with open arms we accept visits from anyone, from anywhere in the world.  

Your help will be used to buy raw organic products from local farmers, and maintain production by employing at least 7 people on site and various families.

Our products are very healthy, with super foods like cacao and turmeric making up the core of our products, … you support your health and our project, and families in need at the same time. 

You probably want to help, but don’t know how right now, we are giving you this great opportunity….. and can assure you that this is a really fantastic way to have a direct positive impact.

Local womens working with cacao
Local womens working with cacao
Traditional cacao roasting.
Traditional cacao roasting.
Volunteers planting trees
Volunteers planting trees
Local family working on site.
Local family working on site.
Free workshops for local kids.
Free workshops for local kids.
Our products ready to be sold.
Our products ready to be sold.

Our Needs

Like many others, the Covid-19 hit our Center with terrible timing, and because tourism has completely stopped, we have lost our main subsistence  income.

The product thread, from farmer to consumer is a vital part of our sustainable model, and we hope that we can keep weaving a beautiful future for us all during this crisis. Our center focuses on education in sustainable models of living, and we must keep having a regenerative impact on visiting children, tourists and farmers. 

Many people depend on our center, and on top of the 7 permanent employees, we have over 30 guatemalan farming families making a part of their living through us.

Tuqtuquilal is a not-for-profit cooperative and all the money made through the sales of our products is being used to pay farmers and our wonderful employees, as well as maintaining the facilities.

Here is a list of our current urgent needs with a cost estimation :


     Buying fresh, farmer grown products :       $4.000

We buy many raw ingredients, such as fresh cacao, turmeric, plantain, cassava, and Copal from local farming families, and many of them count on their sales to make it through the year. Without their crops our production will also stop, and our goals never met.

​This budget would make sure we have cacao available while farmers have it, and keep us productive for the next 3 month, until our core financial needs met 

We’d also be making sure that nobody runs out of chocolate!

It would really make a big difference for everyone involved.


Salaries for the next 3 months :       $6.000

​includes 7 full time local workers and 2 volunteers.

 We are proud to pay all of our local employees the minimum daily rate and we would love to be able to keep all of our crew onboard during these hard times. 

We need all of them to take care of our young plants, trees and facilities.

The land requires huge amounts of maintenance and now during the rains it is also a great time to plant more crops and increase our sustainability.


TOTAL = $10.000


In order to finance our cooperative during this world crisis we came up with an idea to raise funds without relying on charity.


We offer you to buy our products at a 20%  discount.


We will send orders assoon as possible  instead of 2-5 days.

That way it is a win'win situation!

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