We always love to receive some extra help from local or international travelers.

If you are skilled in specific target areas such as tropical permaculture, bio-construction or self sufficient community building, we can offer you a all included deal with accomodation and meals. Your working schedule will depend on your skills and the level of involvement you want to have.

If you have the energy and desire to help but lack the knowledge we can offer you the following option :
For $10 per day, you will receive food and accomodation and you will be asked to help in any necessary task for 5hs per day and 5 days a week.

A great way to enjoy a cheap and beautifull stay and learn about the jungle farming life while helping the project to develop. 

We ask any of our volunteers to commit for at least a full month with a first week of mutual evaluation.

If you are interested, just send us an email with your personnal informations, the interest you have in our project as well as the skills and contribution you could bring in. We would apreciate if you also put the dates you would like to come for and if you have an open calendar, what would be ideal.

Thank you for your interest and see you soon maybe!

Doing fresh cane sugar juice
Tree planting
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Tree planting