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Permaculture Design Course

with Cacao Agroforestry

2 weeks crossing 2 distinct climates in Guatemala

Permaculture Design Principles and Methodologies


Natural patterns

Site analysis and mapping

Water harvesting and management

Planting systems propagation and seed saving

Soil science and composting

Animal management and husbandry


In the temperate highlands of Tzununa, you'll discover how Granja Tzikin uses permaculture principles to create a unique farm-to-table restaurant. 🍽️🌿

🌾🐓 You'll learn how we holistically integrate animals, vegetable gardens, and food forests to create a healthy food-producing ecosystem that nourishes us and our visitors. We also live in a vibrant ecological community.


Visit to Ecological Community

The Fungi Academy: Mycology and mushroom cultivation 

Love Probiotics: Food fermentation and gut health 

Casa Curativa: Herbalism and natural medicine 


Tuqtuquilal Regenerative Center

The second week you will travel to the humid tropics of Lanquin to learn all about ancestral Mayan agroforestry and cacao production, promoted and restored by the Tuqtuquilal community cooperative.

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This unique Permaculture Design Course is for people wishing to design and create regenerative communities all over the world.
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