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  • Luis Mejicano

Hiking to Semuc Champey: An Adventure Among Mountains and Cultures

On January 4, 2024, we embarked on an exciting journey from Tuqtuquilal to Semuc Champey, winding our way through the majestic mountains that characterize the Q'eqchi' Maya territory. Accompanied by Farahón, Silvia's husband, we had the privilege of being guided through various communities of Lanquín, immersed in the authenticity of the local culture.

Our path led us through green and lush landscapes, adorned with cocoa plantations, cardamom fields, citrus trees, and a variety of crops that reflect the daily livelihoods of the families in these lands. With each step, we immersed ourselves in the richness of the land and the history that sustains it.

After a challenging three-hour journey, punctuated by well-deserved rests and pauses to hydrate, we reached the impressive bridge over the Cahabon River. There, we stopped to delight in tamalitos de Calá, yuca tayuyos with beans, and seasonal fruits, sharing the flavor and hospitality of the region.

Although our energy dwindled, the excitement grew as we approached the crystalline pools of Semuc Champey. While we opted not to climb to the viewpoint, those of us who had visited this natural paradise before agreed that we had never appreciated its beauty as much as we did after this epic hike.

Arriving at noon, we immersed ourselves in the refreshing pools, enjoying their coolness and serenity. With enough time for a satisfying lunch and exploration, we arranged our return to Lanquín in a pickup truck that brought us back to the town center.

To culminate our day of adventure, we delighted in a comforting dinner, exploring the many gastronomic offerings that Lanquín has to offer. Without a doubt, this experience will be etched in our memories as one of the most memorable and enriching of all.

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