Tuqtuquilal is a worker owned not-for-profit  located in Lanquin, near to Semuc Champey National Park, Guatemala.


In Q'eqchi Mayan, the name  means 'Harmony' or
'Natural flow'.

Our local team processes Cacao, Turmeric, Cacao, Vanilla, Ginger, Cardamom, Copal and other organic products on site using ancestral knowledge and natural techniques.


Our products are prepared by hand, solar dried and processed with care & a low carbon foot print!


Fair crowdfunding!

Cacao Thread Project

One of our missions at Tuqtuquilal is to create sustainable models of living through education, agriculture and tourism.

The "Cacao Thread Project" is an emergency concept in the light of crisis, that will support many families in need.

We have launched The Cacao Thread Project with hopes to actively sustain our local community, workers and  families. 


We invite you to be at the end of the thread; receive healthy amazing products and directly help the farmers, workers at Tuqtuquilal, and families that are responsible for the traditional toasting and hand peeling of our heathy delicious cacao.

We  invite you to connect with us for our Catalogue, Discounts, Special prices and rates with special deliveries right to your door step ...


Anywhere in the world!

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